The art of Oriental Medicine involves much more than the use of needles.  I have many choices, as do you, as we partner to bring your body into balance and improve your health.  You are more than just the symptoms that have motivated you to call.  An important part of Chinese Medicine is the opportunity to encourage and support your body into its optimum ability to function.

Acupuncture is the most commonly known form of Oriental Medicine.  By inserting very thin, sterile and flexible needles into various places on your body, the ability to heal is enhanced.  Depending on the complexity of what is being treated the number of needles used will vary as will the location. Sometimes electrical stimulation is attached to the needles but treatment may also be done with needles alone.

Massage can be utilized to help you relax, to feel rejuvenated and reduce pain. Touch can be very healing and is only done within your personal comfort zone.  Massage is sometimes performed with your clothing on, but most people enjoy the feel of hands and oil directly on their skin.  Oriental Medicine involves physical treatment and I may use just my hands to bring you relief of symptoms.  I perform sight specific massage only.

Cupping is another form of treatment done directly on the skin.  Instead of putting hand pressure on an area a glass cup is used to create a suction of circulation enhancement in a specific area.  Most often cupping is done on the back and may be done to act as massage without pressure to an area.  Cupping is also performed as a stationary form of treatment.

Energetic healing is becoming more known.  I am a Reiki Master and have studied the Tao or way of channeling Universal Energy so you may experience its warmth and comfort.  Patients are fully clothed except for shoes as they lay on the table with eyes closed.  Reiki can be done with or without direct touch to the patient.  I am versed in both methods but usually do not touch my patients during this treatment.  Many experience a deep relaxation and speak of feeling very soothed and energized and that they feel movement in their body without actually being touched.  Reiki can be a good introduction to Oriental Medicine for a person who is needle shy. 

Nutritional support and informed food choice help to balance your health.  I can assist you in making changes that will support your healing and improve digestion. Ingesting antacids should not be a daily occurrence.  What you eat and how it is prepared can make a huge difference in the way you feel after eating.  Digestion takes place through the entire length of your intestinal tract starting in your mouth as you chew each bite.  Learning how to best nourish yourself will make a difference you can see and feel.

Meditation and soft exercise will help you to learn how to relax. Being able to calm your mind allows you to listen to your thoughts and examine your thinking.  Being mentally peaceful can help lower your blood pressure and improve digestion and sleep.  Soft meditative exercises can strengthen your muscles and bones and decrease the potential of injury from falling by improving flexibility and balance.  Exercise that causes you discomfort may not be your best choice.  I can discuss forms of movement you may not have considered before.

Herbal Supplements are available to those patients who desire this type of supportive treatment.  Some people find that using an herbal formula alone will bring them relief of the symptoms that have plagued them in spite of trying Western treatment and prescriptions.  Any alterations in dosing or needs for your Rx given by your MD needs to be discussed with the prescribing doctor. This is not in my scope of practice and I never advise you to stop or alter your prescriptions.

If you are not clear on anything that is discussed during your treatment, please let me know and I will gladly share more information with you.  I want you to fully informed and comfortable when you are in my office.