Traditional Chinese Medicine has a very long history of useful treatment for a variety of health problems including pain, emotional illness, digestive disorders and injury.  Following is a short list of challenges both physical and mental that the National Institute of Health (NIH) recommends  Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) as beneficial treatment. 

Keep in mind that the way you seek to be helped is totally up to the individual.  I do not push you to take formulas or change your lifestyle to make me feel happy.  You are in charge of your own healthcare when you are my patient.  We discuss and agree on what modality of treatment you are comfortable having done.

Unlike Western medicine, Acupuncture treats the problem at the root, rather than just alleviating the symptoms.  By focusing on the cause of the pain, Acupuncture can help your body experience deeper and more long-term relief from your discomfort.

The World Health Organization and the National Institute of Health have a long list of conditions for which Acupuncture is determined to be safe and effective. Research is ongoing, continuing to add to the list.

Pain   Headache   Carpal tunnel syndrome    Arthritis   Bursitis   Tendonitis   Fibromyalgia   Neuropathic pain   Post-operative pain   Migraines   Dental pain

Stress   Anxiety   Insomnia   PTSD    Panic attacks

Respiratory   Allergies  Sinusitis   Common cold   Flu   Asthma   Bronchitis   Rhinitis 

Digestive issues    Abdominal pain  Constipation   Diarrhea  Colitis  IBS   Ulcers   Indigestion   Multiple food intolerance   Nausea  Gerd

Cardiovascular many conditions can be helped, however due to the seriousness of heart disease, one should seek traditional medical treatment first.

 Muscular-skeletal  Stiff neck   Spasms   Low back pain   Sciatica   Foot pain   Pantar fasciitis 

Tennis elbow   Knee pain   Ankle pain  Sciatica  Sports performance   Wrist pain

Immune  Chronic fatigue syndrome   Rheumatoid Arthritis   Fibromyalgia   Common cold   Flu 

Gynecological   PMS  Menopause   Cramps   Irregular periods  Infertility   Postpartum  

Painful periods

Urinary  Incontinence  Painful urination   Reproductive problems(Male and Female)

Urinary tract infections

Neurological     Headaches   Migraine  Cluster Headache   Stroke   Bell's Palsy   Shingles   Neuropathy   Neuroma   Paralysis   Stroke   Multiple Sclerosis   Alzheimer’s   Parkinson’s   ALS   Trigeminal neuralgia

Cancer side effects of Chemo and Radiation  Appetite loss  Nausea    Fatigue

Trauma  Automobile accidents (MVA)   Concussion   Traumatic brain injury   Sprains   Pulled muscles

Peri-operative help  Recovery and healing of wounds   Enhance range of motion   Boost immune system   Reduce swelling

Mental Health   Addictions including Alcohol   Drugs  Nicotine   PTSD   Panic attack  Adjustment disorder  Depression  Nervousness   Anxiety, Insomnia   Emotional imbalance